Merlin and The New Camelot:
The Birth of Collective Christ Consciousness
Special Offer from Guest Alison James

Alison on Meeting Master Merlin

When Merlin reintroduced himself to me over a period of time, I was infused with so much love in my heart that I realized that we had a special personal connection. I soon found myself channeling 24/7, and it continues to this day. At first I found myself relating to Merlin’s “popular” imagery that has become part of our daily lives: the robes, the hat, the wand and the crystals. He has, of course, long transcended these outer trappings although within his iconic imagery they have specific meaning and form. I quickly discovered that he is a very evolved being, an avatar, working within the Office of the Christ, helping so many on the planet and elsewhere. I am not privy to all his work as an Ascended Master, nor am I his only voice, but I have learned a great deal about the “real” Merlin.


"Thank you, Alison, for the healings with crystals I received through your sessions. I still find it incredible how powerful and complex this work is. And the way you can attune yourself to Source, to the knowledge and wisdom from behind the veil is just inspiring. I found in you much more than just a healer. You are a truly wise Soul with such a big Heart. You were certainly a stepping stone for me to the next level in healing myself and my path. The sessions and all that came through you, including the wisdom, were so complex and influenced my life on a very deep level. For those who haven’t met Alison and experienced her work – don’t wait, allow yourself to have the experience of whatever she has to offer you. You will get closer to God." 

"Alison’s Unconditional Love Workshops are truly enlightening. She has a great and special gift for leading others forward (and higher) into the light of expanded consciousness. I’m a born skeptic but my experiences with Alison’s guidance are undeniable. Prepare to have your mind blown — you will never look at this life in the same way again."

"Alison James is a treasure, pure and simple! Her true-hearted desire to help those on the path, her extensive and vast arcane knowledge and her prodigious healing and teaching skills are a real boon to us New Yorkers. She is a clear and direct channel to the Masters, the stars and beyond!"

"The changes that occurred for me at Alison’s Divine Workshops are so profound on every level, that in one or two sessions a lifetime of therapy, spirituality and compassion has been gained. I feel safe now, safe within myself. My job changed, in fact everything changed so radically. I have become so happy and radiant that the only explanation those around me can offer is that I must be getting married! With Alison’s loving guidance, each journey allows access to an area of ourselves and the universe that is only dreamed of in science fiction movies. This is such a precious and meaningful experience that one is alerted to his true and higher purpose in this life where all things come together in harmony. I recommend this workshop highly."

“Alison’s meditations and teachings heighten the frequency of the meditator’s senses so that an immediate connection to the peacefulness and love energies in the higher dimensions can be found. To study and journey with Alison is like taking a bath in love, happiness and freedom."

Working with Alison will give you:

  • A greater sense of Self.
  • Connection to the I AM Presence.
  • Devotion to life.
  • Healing of Spirit, Mind and Body.
  • Guidance from the Ascended Masters.
  • Empowerment and ability to move forward in life.
  • Cleansing of chakras and subtle body system.
  • Increase in personal vibration.
  • How to work with crystals.
  • Connection to the stars and a greater galactic awareness.

A Message from Master Merlin:

Hello Beloveds,

Is this a prickly point with you? Do you withdraw or hold back for a fear of failure, lack or what others might say? No dream is too big or too small to warrant your attention, your devoted focus and excited momentum of action. Don’t put off to tomorrow what can bring delight today.

Your imagination holds no bounds; only your thinking and beliefs hold you back from manifesting your dreams and desires. As Co-Creators of the Universe, you are remembering how to think, act, feel and be so that your creations may manifest with good timing and aplomb. If all your thoughts manifested simultaneously now, creative chaos would reign. Think, feel and channel your ideas through your creative talents and abilities. Dare to take a bite out of that dangling carrot in front of you and give it a whirl. How long has it been there? Every seed that is borne by you, even if put aside, is for your genius, your unique perspective and ecstasy of expression.

There is great power in the essence of you. Magicians, it takes but a brief moment in time for you to pinpoint your way and follow your own design, to wave your magic wand and do what no-one else can do quite like you. As so many Masters have done before you, employ who you are to reach your destiny, to find your joie de vivre and discover your magic as you become all you can be. Masters, you are divine. You can create miracles and move mountains, if you believe it. Enjoy being who you are on this magical journey of life. Tempus fugit. Make the most of your time and your inner magic. We are ready willing and able to assist you.

Merlin, Master of Earth Magic

Alison's Package Includes:

  • 40 minute 1:1 Channeling Session with Master Merlin
  • Bonus MP3 :  A narrated introduction by Alison to the book, Merlin and The New Camelot including a Guided Meditation for healing and journeying; and original music composed especially for meditations in the book and for Masters Merlin and Amerissis

The Longing of Your Heart Special Offer 


About Alison James

Alison L. James was born and educated in England and now resides in the United States. As an Author, Divine Energy Channel, Healing Facilitator, Motivational Teacher, non-denominational Minister and Spiritual Counselor, she seeks to bring Love and Light to the planet by increasing awareness of man’s Divinity and his eternal connection to Source through his ‘I AM’ Presence. As the female earthly counterpart of Ascended Master Merlin, Alison works in Oneness with him for their shared mission of expansion of consciousness for the Ascension of man and planet Earth within the Universe. Her goal is to be of service to man and to the Light as directed by Spirit.

Alison is presently writing and synthesizing a body of work for her second book “The Merlin Initiations: Alchemy for The New Camelot”. This is a sequel to her first book “Merlin and The New Camelot: The Birth of Collective Christ Consciousness” intended to bring forth further empowerment and transformation. She also offers a monthly newsletter of articles and insights. In her workshops and through her healing practices, Alison draws upon her qualifications as an Initiate and Teacher in the Great White Brotherhood, a Rising Star Healing Practitioner, an A.R.C.H. Healer (Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing from Hawaii), an A.R.C.H. Kahuna Psychic Reader, a Certified Crystal Healer, a Prema Birthing Practitioner (a deep birthing process into the Divine Feminine Energies), an NLP Practitioner as well as meditation, astrological and metaphysical studies.

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